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LG Washing Machine Customer Care Bangalore

LG Washing Machine Customer Care Bangalore

We can see many types of brands like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc in this world. But one of the most developed brands is LG. It has invented products like the washing machines, refrigerators, microwave oven, AC, TV, etc with the updated features. In addition, we can access the LG branded appliances at a cheap rate. They are ranging in various sizes so that the products can suit all the houses. Further, we use these electronic devices to save time and energy. Also, all the home appliances are necessary ranging from a washing machine to an AC. But, they may create some issues according to the usage. For repair in any of the LG home appliances, you can contact us LG Customer Care Bangalore


Washing machines


Microwave oven

Air conditioner



Washing machines are also the most useful home appliances in this busy life. In this life, we have less time to wash clothes. Further, washing machines are available with various wash cycles in the market. In addition, a heavy cycle washer has to be used for the larger loads. They also reduce our work by making our work less. Firstly, if we imagine the joint families, it helps much. Hand washing also would consume a lot of time and energy. But washing machines have made our life easier. Furthermore, there are many types of washing machines. Such as:


Front load Washing machines

Top load Washing machines

Semi-automatic Washing machines

Fully-automatic Washing machines


The issues also may arise with your washing machine at times. Like washer not filling with water, drum won’t drain; clothes are developing holes after wash, washer making noises, vibrations while running, etc. To solve any kind of issue, you need a technician. For such purpose, don’t search for a technician here and there. You can also access the best technicians through our service center LG Customer Care Bangalore. In addition, we give the best door services with the help of our honest technicians.


Refrigerators are the most common products in our life. We can see further various improvements in the designs of refrigerators. They also keep our food cold and fresh for a long time. Without them, we won’t have ice-creams and cool drinks. Evolution led us to invent different types of refrigerators like single door, double door, multi-door refrigerators. Moreover, there is no need for guidance for the refrigerators. Anyone can use this refrigerator because it doesn’t need any guidance from us.


Single door Refrigerators

Double door Refrigerators

Side-by-side Refrigerators


Refrigerators create many issues when they get old. They create issues like water leaking on the floor, water dispenser not working, not enough refrigerant, refrigerant leakage, ice forming, refrigerator not cool, door locked, making strange noises, smelly refrigerator, etc. Not only these issues but also there are many issues created by the refrigerators. You try to solve the issues on your own. But you may fail to do it individually. At that time, you can take the help of our professional through LG Customer Care Bangalore.

There are many advantages to using a microwave oven. It can cook very faster than the gas stove. It can retain all the nutrients of the food. If we use a gas stove, then our kitchen fills with the smoke and heat. But a microwave prevents smoking and the kitchen won’t be hot. It doesn’t need any fire to cook. So, we are safe using this microwave oven. Also, a microwave ovens cleaning process is very easy. To clean it, we just need a piece of cotton cloth. Microwave ovens are of many types.

Solo Microwave Oven

Grill Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven

Every product has some faults. Not at the starting stage, but while they become old, they create some issues. Generally, the issues of a microwave include microwave not turning on, making sounds, smelly oven, not working properly, turning on and off automatically, microwave sparking, microwave creating smokes, etc. These issues we can solve at your doorstep if you contact LG Customer Care Bangalore. Not only these issues but also, we can solve each minor and major issue with your microwave oven.

The air conditioner is shortly named as “AC”. In the olden days, Air conditioners would be considered a luxury item. But now it has become common as it is the necessary item. Without an AC, we can’t live in extreme summer conditions. AC increases our comfort levels. So that they are preferred in working places like offices to increase our work rate. Air conditioners are of many types that are featured for outworking places.

Split AC

Window AC

Wall-mount AC

Issues of AC arise like AC not turning on, making noises, not providing cool airflow, backside fan not working, leaking water, sensor issues, and the thermostat is never correct, AC blowing hot air, etc. These types of issues may arise with the air conditioners if they are not maintained properly. If you have an AC and it is making issues, then don’t worry. Just shut it down and call the best service center through LG Customer Care Bangalore.

The invention of a TV has created many advantages. Sitting in our house, we can know about the whole world. It is the largest tool for entertainment. Not only that but also we can know the history, politics, geography, sports, culture in an effective way. We can know the latest trend in the world. It is used as communication media all around the world. Having a TV, we can learn many languages and watch the shows of our language too. It helps to increase our knowledge. Televisions are of many types.



Plasma TV

We are addicted to our TV. It seems boring if one day our television won’t work. The issues of a TV are like colors look wrong, TV turning on and off automatically, picture not displaying properly, blacks look gray, TV not turning on, not working properly, etc. If you get such type of issues, then don’t worry. There is no need to panic. Call the best technicians at your doorstep from the best service center LG Customer Care Bangalore. We will send the best technicians to repair your television.

If you are facing any issues with your home appliances, then contact us at LG Customer Care Bangalore.

We are having professionally trained technicians to repair all brands of televisions. If you contact us, then our customer care people take your details. That includes your name, address, the problem of the product, etc. They will forward it to the technician.

He will approach you by taking your details. After approaching, he will check the exact problem of the product and repairs it.

He will take extra charges for the replacement of the spare parts.

We give spare parts for the replacement with a 20% discount.

Our service center gives a 1-month warranty on the general services with a warranty of 3 months on the spare parts.

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