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lg microwave oven service center bangalore

LG Microwave Oven Service Center Bangalore

Every day making healthy dishes and faster as well as tasty is everyone’s dream. A microwave oven can do many more things than reheating yesterday’s dinner or making popcorn. Many models with the latest automatic heating functions are made to make a wide range of food and also offer speed cooking, convectional, and even grilling capabilities. If you want to cook in a microwave oven then it is a good time to try it. To keep your kitchen cool, cook in a microwave oven where its energy is more professional than the cooking on a cooktop. Hence, LG is also one of the best and top branded companies in offering the latest microwave ovens. 

LG microwave comes with Convection Microwave, Grill or solo microwave oven, NeoChef microwave oven, and Charcoal microwave oven. These 4 models have different features and come with advanced technologies.

Using the microwave in the kitchen is sometimes very risky for us because it works with electricity and we are using some special bowls to make the food. Sometimes it burns or gets shocked or sparkles inside the device so we have to take some safety precautions while we are using the microwave oven. Hence, here we discuss some of the issues that occur while we use the microwave oven in our kitchen. If your Microwave oven is not heating then there are some major and minor issues that will occur,  are there so, some of them we discuss here and if it is possible we can fix it by ourselves or you need a technician to fix it for them. They are:

Diode – the high voltage power passes through the magnetron to heat the food and if the diode is burned out, then the magnetron won’t receive enough voltage to operate the device. Hence, if the diode fails, it is frequently visibly burnt out. So, inspect the diode and if it is burned, replace it or if it is not burned then check it with a multimeter.

Door Switch – the door switches will activate in order to certify that the door is closed properly or not. If any of the door switches fails, then the device will not start or heat. To resolve if any of the door switches are faulty, test with a multimeter to test it and if any of the door switches are not functioning then replace it.  

Magnetron – The magnetron uses high voltage, if the magnetron is burned out then the microwave oven does not work and the magnetron is not repairable and we have to replace it with a new magnetron. To replace the magnetron in the microwave we need not do it by ourselves, we need a licensed technician to replace it because it is very dangerous to replace the electronic components in the microwave oven.

These are the common issues that occur in your microwave oven that can’t be resolved by ourselves, we need a licensed and experienced technician to resolve the issues in the microwave oven. Hence, our LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Bangalore is here to resolve all these issues in a single visit only. We have licensed technicians and have several years of experience in doing repairs as well as services to microwave ovens. All types of services and repairs are done door to door and at reasonable prices.

We have hundreds of technicians to give perfect solutions to your breakdown microwave oven and that may be any model. Our service providers are well educated and they are trained in our service center where they can handle any model of your microwave oven and they fix it very easily. We do not do the services temporarily and we do the services as well as repairs permanently which won’t repeat again in the future.  LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Bangalore can handle all types of services and repairs in a single day where our technicians are well experienced in doing repairs. Our main aim is to provide quality repairing services to every customer to satisfy100% with our services. Our technicians use the latest tools and equipment where they can do any model of the microwave oven effortlessly. Get our flawless services and repairs at your doorstep on a single visit. 

You need to take your microwave oven here and there, our LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Bangalore is near your area where our services are available at your doorstep. Just through a single call, you can avail of our services at your sitting place. Book an appointment regarding your microwave oven repair or service and get back a call from our professions. Our experts will call back to you regarding repair and service on non-working microwave ovens to confirm the complaint. You just confirm the details about your device like the issue in the microwave oven, model of the device, address, and contact details where we keep all these details very securely and we do not share them with any third person. Our skilled professionals will schedule the time and date at customer convenience. 

LG Microwave Oven Service Center in Bangalore provides same-day services to every customer. We also do the replacement of spare parts on damaged products where we first investigate the device and provide a brief quotation on the device. We explain to customers the problem that they face with the microwave oven. We do the best services on the microwave oven within their budget and we fix it permanently. Additionally, we take every customer feedback about our services where we want to become one of the leading service centers in India. We not only provide quality services to customers we also provide the minimum warranty on the spare parts as well as on the services or repairs too. Hence, to avail of our services just contact us directly to our service center where our technical team members are available 365 days to serve you or you can also email us by sending all the information about your device.                    

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